On hiatus until further notice...

The MidLife Show™ was created in 2014 by BetterThan50® to help people 50+  consider the many choices available to them as they create the next phase of their lives.

The MidLife Show™ recognizes the ongoing shift in the definition of later midlife and the emergence of  a redefined third phase of life.  Characterized by self- invention, recreation, connection, and contribution this is a time to explore and discover how to consciously construct a life that is fulfilling, stimulating and active. The show is built to support that quest through information, demonstration, support and experimentation focusing on:

everything that people do for enjoyment, including hobbies, new learning, creating their home, travel, vehicles, food, drink and more

everything that reflects a person’s impact on the world and their legacy to their family, the people and organizations that need help, creating a personal record, cultivating relationships and self-actualization

everything that adds to and protects their assets, including financial planning, property maintenance and improvement, and identity protection

everything dealing with the improvement or maintenance of their physical and mental health